Our private and comfortable office is in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, close to all major hubs of transportation. For directions, click here.

Because Dr. Barnes is trained in a variety of theories and techniques, therapy is customized according to the wants and needs of the individual, couple, or family. In order for us to map out the journey ahead, there will be a lot of information gathered in the first session or two. This will be a collaborative process.

People always want to know if they're supposed to lie down on the couch! No. Some people want to , some people don't. It's up to you - whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Another question people ask is "Do I have to talk about EVERYTHING that's bothering me ?" No, not at all - some people want to work on one particular issue or problem at a time; others want to explore many concerns. Generally, the process of therapy unfolds gently. Research suggests that most people who go into therapy begin to feel better in a few session.

Those seeking coaching and performance enhancement may just want to improve on skills and talents they already have and remove obstacles that get in the way of achieving their goals. We welcome you to call with any questions or concerns. We are grateful for your interest in our practice and we wish you the very best!